Berger Associates Pte Ltd




We are a limited liability company incorporated in Singapore that offers our clients marine / cargo surveying / inspection & Loss Adjusting services with the up most standards to our principal’s requirements. As part of our expertise, we provide a range of services including cargo surveying, claims assessment, bailees liability including general liability investigations. Our strengths are also being able to provide our clients with cargo risk management services and project cargo services.

As with all modern transit capabilities be it air, sea or land, loss and damage of cargo is inevitable in some unfortunate situations.

Our role as professionals in this field, we are able to assess the matter and let our clients have the best advise possible. Our services are coupled with a report, captioned photographs and/or with sketches and diagrams. This allows easy understanding of the matter at hand and would assist the various Underwriters in their claim assessment.

Our risk assessment services allow us to be the eyes and ears of the client and provide them with the relevant advise in a timely manner.  This services also extends to minimize risk of our clients precious cargo that would be a financial liability to the buyer.

We also have our representative in Cambodian which allows us to provide clients with a fast site response and provide accurate information to interested parties. This gives us an edge over delayed and/or inaccurate information provided by unskilled Surveyors.

Our network of skilled personnel also extends to the SEA region where we are able to respond from our location to almost any part of the world, thanks to our world class aviation hub.