About Us

Our principal Surveyor, had the opportunity to have worked with two of the world’s largest Loss Adjusting firms, McLarens International and Crawford & Company, for more ten years, the experience with working with the largest and best has provided valuable knowledge and experience. As part of the nature of the work, he has done assignments in China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia.

In Marine Insurance, many a situation, Surveyors are usually tasked to be the “eyes and ears” of their client. Be it the cargo Underwriters, P&I Clubs, Shippers, Consignee or any interested party, we are able to provide an accurate overall visual of the handling / condition of the precious cargo. Professional Surveyors like ourselves, our assignment may be for any type of item be it from a single carton box to large oil & gas equipment weighing several hundred tons.

In a Loss Adjusting role, we have carried out numerous liability claims including fire, burglary and investigation claims pertaining to unexplained disappearance  or damages to cargo and equipment.

Getting the right people engaged for the job is critical to safeguarding the interest of the party concerned.

No item can be to too small or too large to be assessed. In our nearly fifteen years of experience, we have dealt with numerous incidents that has thought us to expect the unexpected! This is further important to engage the right professional for the job, Berger Associates Pte Ltd are there to assist.

In cargo surveying, mitigation of claims is always the utmost importance to Underwriters. Giving the correct information to the handler as soon as damage is discovered would enable losses or damages to be mitigated in the first instance. In our line of work, we have seen numerous instances where careless and inaccurate information lead to further losses most of the time at expense of the Underwriter. This also jeopardizes their right of a full recovery.

We again reinforce the importance of engaging the correct professional Berger Associates Pte Ltd are there to assist.